Over the years, APAHE has been vocal at all levels of education and in the community on a number fronts – supporting Wen Ho Lee and working with the Department of Energy to change their hiring and training practices, working with the College Board to provide advanced placement tests in Asian based languages and changes to the SAT, and partnering with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities to advance their 2003 Public Policy Agenda. It is ironic that, while Asian Pacific Americans have been and still are widely considered the most visible and “successful” minority group in higher education, there is a conspicuous absence of their participation in decision-making bodies (such as boards, commissions, etc.) and in executive and management positions. While Asian Pacific Americans are reaching 10% of total college student enrollment, less than 1% of all colleges and universities are lead by an Asian American.

As APAHE enters our third decade, addressing the challenges of our original mission are ever more urgent. We exist today and into the future to ensure that Asian and Pacific receive equal and fair treatment in higher education without regard to their race, gender, or national origin. We encourage you to be engaged in action amongst your peers, on your campus, and as part of APAHE.