The Emeritus Board shall consist of distinguished chief executive officers, governing board members, public officials, and other individuals appointed by the Board. The Emeritus Board will uphold the general mission of APAHE and provide advice and support to members of the Board. The Emeritus Board shall have such duties as the Board may prescribe. The Board may, by resolution, adopt rules for the government of the Emeritus Board.

Nominations to the Emeritus Board should be made to the President. A candidate receiving a majority vote by the Board of Members shall serve on the Emeritus Board.

The term of office of each Emeritus Board Member shall be four years. Emeritus Board Member’s term will be renewed upon receiving majority vote by the Board at a scheduled meeting.  An Emeritus Board Member may be retired by a majority vote by the APAHE Board or may self-retire.

Doris Ching, Ed.D.

Term effective 7/2014

A. Gabriel Esteban, Ph.D.

Term effective 7/2017

Patrick Hayashi, Ph.D.

Term effective 7/2014

Judy K. Sakaki, Ph.D.

Term effective 7/2014

Dale Shimasaki, Ph.D

Term effective 7/2014

Bob Suzuki, Ph.D.

Term effective 7/2014


Audrey Yamagata-Noji, Ph.D., Member, Board of Trustees

Term Effective 7/2018